Should Physician -Assisted Suicide Be Legal?

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Should Physician-Assisted Suicide be legal?
Kelly Stevens
PHI 103 Informal Logic
Instructor Michele Clearman Warner
January 4, 2011

Should Physician-assisted suicide be Legal?
When society ponders over the idea of physician-assisted suicide, they most likely feel that the act itself would compare to murdering someone. Who really has the authority to say what is right or wrong when a loved one wants to end their life because of a terminal illness or a severe physical disability? President Clinton signed the Federal Assisted Suicide Funding Restriction in 1997, which prohibits the use of federal funding for physician-assisted suicides (The Gale Group, 2002). However, also in 1997, the state of
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Mr. Donnelly conducted research on the use of x-rays, and because of the radiation he was exposed to, he contracted skin cancer. The radiations exposure and the contracting the skin cancer caused him to loose his nose, left hand, two fingers on his right hand and part of his jaw. He became blind and his body was slowly deteriorating. The pain he was feeling was excruciating and at the same time was told by the doctor he had only one year to live. Matthew Donnelly laid in his bed begging to die, but nobody would help him. His brother Harold could not stand to see his brother in such pain, he obtained a gun, and shot him. Harold was tried for murder after giving his brother his dying wish (Andre, C., Velasaquex, M., 2010). Matthew Donnelley should have had the choice given to him to have a physician-assisted suicide when he was pleading to die instead of his brother feeling like he needed to fulfill his wishes by shooting him and spending his days in prison. These stories are adequate enough reasons why the laws need to be changed for every state and territory so people who realize that their quality of life is ending have the right to die with what dignity they feel they have left. There are also people who would actually not agree with the thought of having a doctor assisting anyone to end their life. For example, people may argue a particular topic about
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