Should Private Prisons Be Run For Profits?

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Are Private Prisons being run for profits or are they just a solution to the current problems we are dealing with today in society? There has been a recent debate on whether private prisons are being run for profit for their corporations or for the people. Especially with the expected increase in stocks on the two major private prison corporations due to the election of our new President Donald Trump. There has been many different problems and views arising to this. Many of the problems I will be talking about that include the important topic of mass incarceration and the safety of the inmates and staff at these facilities.
The history of private prisons began in the early nineteenth century. The number of juveniles and adults in the …show more content…

These companies are: the Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group. CCA operates as many as 61 correctional facilities with 75,000 inmates. As for the GEO Group they operate fewer facilities and house fewer inmates than the CCA.
According to the journal article “Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Prisons” there are many disadvantages and advantages in private prisons as compared to federal, state, and local facilities. The advantages of private prisons include how they are seen as an enhancement to the current problem of prison overcrowding due to private prisons having more capacity in supplying empty beds and cells to inmates. Another advantage includes how private prisons take around 18 months to build as for government prisons take over two years. Private prisons are also known to build their prisons in locations that provide financial benefits to the communities. Many of those benefits include stable employment increase, and increase in community resources for spending. Private prisons are also known in reducing costs to complete costs associated with employment, which offers many alternatives for more ideas into the correctional system as well as bringing in more staff that are young and eager than the public paid staff and equipment purchasing. Another advantage is the ability to hold a greater number of female inmates which have the history of costing government institutions more money. Private prisons also have the

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