Should Prostitution Be Legal?

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Rumored to be the oldest profession in the world and perhaps one of the most controversial topics in our current Canadian legal system stands prostitution. Prostitution by definition is "the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment". Prostitution in our legal system can be dated back to the 18th century, this was the first Canadian statute to acknowledge prostitution. Prostitution in this time was handled by three legal approaches, regulation, prohibition and lastly rehabilitation. It is believed that because of these three legal approaches that is why prostitution is still around and very popular in almost every city. The "Contagious Diseases Act" also known as "CD ACTS" was an attempt at…show more content…
The woman who would sell their bodies for sex, the men who lived off the earnings of these woman, the people who owned and rented out the bawdy houses and men who were frequent buyers in the sex trade were all up for criminal punishment. Although this was said does not mean it was done, with a judicial system and a police force made up of only men meant that many female prostitutes were punished while many males who were apart of the act were let free to walk away. Lastly was the attempt of rehabilitation, in current days we consider rehabilitation as restoring something to its previous state/ making something better, once more this was not the circumstances, in the late 1800 's the rehabilitation for woman was taking them off the streets and putting them into jail. Although stated earlier saying men were able to walk freely, this was not the case for all men. Some men were prosecuted for their actions in regards to prostitution, although they had significantly shorter sentences then woman. Recent progress in the Canadian legal system regarding prostitution can be outlined by The Protection of Communities and Exploded Persons Act, more commonly known as Bill C-36. Bill C-36 was proposed to legislation on June 4, 2014. One month later on July 15 the legislative approach of Bill C-36 was passed, prostitution in Canada has never been
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