Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

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Countries around the world have had trouble finding a way to police prostitution that makes everyone happy. The truth of it is, there probably is no way that can make everyone happy. There can, however, be a way to give everyone the opportunity to do what they want with their lives and not infringe on the rights and wants of other people. Prostitution is an ugly business, but indoor prostitution should be legalized due to its becoming safer and its new history of making considerable amounts of money for countries which regulate it.

Indoor prostitution is less daunting for sex workers and easier on the public eye. Hence, street prostitution should be excluded in legalization. Prostitution is a risky business for any person to
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Criminally charging prostitutes makes their lives harder and ensures they don’t get out of the “profession.” In New York City, “50 percent of the sex workers interviewed said they’d never been offered any social services after an arrest (O’Hara1).” Officials only try to put prostitutes on a safer path half of the time, effectively wasting the time of sex workers and not showing any interest in stopping prostitution. The arrests are pointless, and they only can make a prostitute’s life worse. For example, the sex workers mentioned previously “all had criminal records that could prevent them from successfully finding other employment (O’Hara1).” As this country currently has limited interest in changing the lives of these people, unlike the interest in changing the lives of other “criminals” like drug addicts or alcoholics with rehab, the time and money spent on arresting these sex workers is wasted at best. Their lives made harder and careers as prostitutes are only set in stone by criminal charges.

The internet has mainstreamed casual
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