Should Religion Be Taught At School?

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Should Comparative Religion Be Taught In School Many people have thought that religion is one of the most important aspects of our lives and that it is a structure for how we must carry ourselves. Some believe that a life without faith or religion is no life worth living at all because that is what allows them to give meaning or purpose to life. Many would agree that there are great stories about morals and traditions that each provides and we could learn a great amount of wisdom and understanding from them. As a result of this they also believe that it should be taught alongside our everyday classroom lessons such as math, reading, and writing. In fact, the Catholic Church had such a strong presence in Cincinnati during the 1800s …show more content…

This could result in taking more time to learn about religions throughout history rather than the history itself. Next, because of the variety, there are some that contradict each other and could result in confusion amongst students. This could also cause some that are less open-minded to become infuriated thinking that one topic is meant to denounce their own religion. Confusion or anger in itself could lead to another problem and that is the tension that could be caused between students of different backgrounds. We already have problems with bullying, someone of a lesser known following, that is already bullied could have an even harder time dealing with such issues. However the disagreement even goes beyond day to day classroom activity. Most religion teaches creationism which is argued to have no hard evidence so it could only be taught as theory or myth rather than fact. In some cases those that have lead institutions have demoted critical thinking and reasoning through teaching religions with an iron fist. Some would also argue that critical thinking is what allows our understanding of the world. In other words, critical thinking opens up the doorway to everything we can learn and progress at. Many believe that most forms of religion have oppressed critical thinking so it contradicts the learning process. Although mankind

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