Should Religion Be Taught At School?

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Should Comparative Religion Be Taught In School Many people have thought that religion is one of the most important aspects of our lives and that it is a structure for how we must carry ourselves. Some believe that a life without faith or religion is no life worth living at all because that is what allows them to give meaning or purpose to life. Many would agree that there are great stories about morals and traditions that each provides and we could learn a great amount of wisdom and understanding from them. As a result of this they also believe that it should be taught alongside our everyday classroom lessons such as math, reading, and writing. In fact, the Catholic Church had such a strong presence in Cincinnati during the 1800s that at one point it had established a school system that was larger than half of the public schooling system. This presence was so strong that when the public school system attempted to merge the two, the church’s first demand was that they banned Protestant practice from the public system all together. As people heard about the negotiations it infuriated some and they started an anti-Catholic newspaper and so began the Cincinnati Bible War. (McAfee) So clearly, there was opposition to both the implementation of the Catholic Church and that they were going to ban other religious practices. The opposition has always had a very strong point, to the question of whether or not we should allow religion to be taught in our schools. To begin,…
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