Should Romeo And Juliet Be Together?

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Romeo and Juliet shouldn't together I believe that Romeo and Juliet shouldn't be together because Romeo is a very stubborn and arrogant young child who barely know understands the meaning of love and how relationships work both ways and shouldn't be one sided. And when i say it shouldn't be one sided i speak on behalf of juliet who is blinded my Romeos arrogants actions and believe his choices are justified for example when he killed Juliet's cousin Tybalt that was not a justified action Even if the Cause was bad romeos judgement shouldn't have been the effect. Juliet should not have to clean up after romeo after his many mistakes Juliet shouldn't have to have this blind love fate just because they're married in the real world some …show more content…

Just gets himself in trouble fighting and bullying other people while hurting the one who he says is in love with. I believe Romeo should have not been married or in love Reasons why i say this is because one Romeo wouldn't of had been exiled because of killing tybalt and another reason is maybe tybalt wouldn't of had been killed because of this reason and another is Romeo's mother killing herself because of him being exiled from Verona. And for my last reason would have to be if they didn't get married they wouldn't of both died. If Romeo and Juliet didn't get married then maybe Juliet would have met someone who more Mature and more conscious of one's actions more assertive in situations unlike Romeo who is Arrogant and stubborn and just a big whiny baby overall and maybe if Romeo didn't get married maybe he would grow older to be more Mature and also cautious of one's actions in situations more assertive and learn how to be more of a man instead of a

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