Should Schools Ban KidsUse Of Social Media At School?

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Should schools ban kids’ use of social media at school? For
There are numerous ways education can be acknowledged. In the earlier years, when our parents used to attend school, they used simple tools like pencils and paper to learn. They had to carry textbooks and stationeries, not tablets and styluses. However, in this generation, technology has conveyed over on how we perceive and understand education. The development of technology is escalating at a brisk pace. With faster and newer technologies invented every day, it provides the kids to broaden their creative sphere. This idea is coming with a disadvantage on how kids in school use them and how costly it also is. Kids are easily influenced and may pressure their parents into investing money in newer, more expensive technology to stay up to date. In the majority of schools, it is a requirement to carry a tablet to use a specific app to learn. Furthermore, bullying associates with the majority around the globe, and the misuse of a social app assists as an enhancer. How to operate technology and social media to exchange information, and it is viewed as a mean to study.

Technology has provided people, especially students the freedom to achieve various conventional methods of learning. However, it also comes with multiple downfalls. School children are young; their mentality lacks judgment. Children can be easily influenced and lead astray, if not supervised accordingly. Kids get attracted toward the outside world,

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