Should Sexual Education Be Taught Public Schools?

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Should Sexual Education be Taught in Public Schools
At the expense of leaving students entirely sexually uninformed, public schools efforts or absence of sexual education leaves today’s youth misinformed and at risk to find themselves facing the real harsh realities of STDS and unexpected pregnancies, which could have simply been prevented if they were only given simple protective methods, instructions and guidance. In this day in age where sex sells, teenagers need to be properly educated so they can make correct decisions.
Next I feel that if kids knew that they had someone that they could turn to and that they knew that would listen to them, they would be more willing to come forward with questions about sex education. Some parents just don’t know how to talk about sex to their children and in these cases they should be able to learn from a sexual education class. In cases to where they can’t learn from parents or teachers they are left from learning through the crowd (through peers) where most of their information is not correct. Or they don’t even ask their peers for fear of being laughed at for not knowing and just continue without any information of what is right or wrong. According to Andrew Jenkins today’s youth is terrified to ask inquiries regarding sexual education. A lot of teenagers are left in the dark, if they were given the necessary information and not be put to shame for it from society, their overall health could be put first.
Also I feel that the
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