Should Smoking Be Legal?

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Whether or not most people realise, the question of banning cigarette smoking in the workplace balances on a blade that could sever a noose tied around the necks of 20,000, or sever a major artery keeping society operating. Whether you believe smoking bans are a slippery slope to a nanny state or the first priority to preventing needless deaths, there are important things to know about both sides of the argument.

Tobacco smoking is unquestionably a large problem. In Australia, 1034 cigarettes per adult are consumed and 18,000 deaths are caused every year. Worldwide, deaths from tobacco equal murder, fatal accidents, diabetes, suicide and more preventable deaths combined. Unfortunately, seeing these statistics isn 't enough for the whole population to quit. The solution to this problem does not lie with smokers but with legislation.

The role of the government is that of parent to child, it 's a relationship that has worked well for millions of years prior to human society; of course it is natural and logical to retain and expand upon this relationship in our modern human society. In more formal terms, the role of the government is to interfere with citizens lives in order to make their society a better place for the other citizens. The government is forced to make a decision; to ignore the tens of thousands dying, or to help them; to punish a child for misbehaving, or to allow them to make their own mistakes.
In this familiar parent child relationship, either one of these…
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