Should Students Have Homework Beneficial To Students?

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Does anyone like having extra work after a long day? Well, since the beginning, when school became more of a right instead of a privilege, homework has been given, teachers assign it and students complete it. Since then, homework has been used in almost every school, everyday. Students and parents had never seriously questioned it. Now many parents and students are starting to question administrators and teachers over whether or not homework really is beneficial to students. Homework is not beneficial to students because there is little evidence showing a correlation between doing homework and doing better on tests, homework helps to diminish students’ enjoyment of learning, it forces them to have to give up other beneficial things to their…show more content…
When students are given a homework assignment it is usually meant to help them “practice” the concept that was taught in school. Giving homework does not help them practice because they either understand the concept and are doing extra work that they do not need to or they do not understand the concept and they are going to practice doing it the wrong way, and complete the assignment incorrectly (“Is Homework Beneficial”). Doing work the incorrect way will cause the human brain to learn the wrong habit of how to do the assignment. Another valid point is that knowing that they are completing the assignment the wrong way can cause stress and anxiety and confidence issues. Also, many of the homework assignments given these days are graded based on completion. This gives children the opportunity to just rush through it so that they can go outside or watch television or anything else that they want to do. This does not help students learn at all. Even when homework is graded based on accuracy, students still rush through to work on something else that they enjoy, which defeats the purpose of giving
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