Should Teachers Learn About The Holocaust

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Why eighth graders should learn about the Holocaust Not learning about the Holocaust can make students think it’s okay, or that there are no consequences to be racist or judging of who someone is different. The word Holocaust is a Greek word that means sacrifice by fire. The actual Holocaust was when Germans were targeting Jewish and non-white people. Also anyone who was handicapped would be forced to be held in a prison like place and worked but if they became useless then they would be killed. Eighth graders should learn about the Holocaust because if schools don’t start teaching about it, then it will just fade away, they learn what makes them a good leader, and they learn what has happened in history before so they don’t repeat it. I’ll …show more content…

Not teaching students about the Holocaust because of those reasons aren’t really fair to them. They need to know what has happened before they were born and teachers don’t know how students are going to react. Also teacher don’t want to teach the Holocaust because students aren’t mentally prepared. One way to fix this would be to slowly bring up the Holocaust and preparing it for the student. There are many reasons for teacher to no teach about the Holocaust but “Today’s children grow up in a world without secrets” (qtd by Research from Wisconsin Department of Education), this quote shares that children are going to learn about the Holocaust anyways, so they should learn it about it the right …show more content…

The holocaust is something that must be taught correctly because a student can easily misunderstand it so it’s something a teacher should explain

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