Should The Drinking Age Be Lowered?

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The Drinking Age Should Be Lowered Alcohol! Should the legal drinking age be lowered? The answer to the question is yes, it should. The drinking age limit should be lowered because, in the eyes of the law, a person is seen as an adult at the age of eighteen, in other countries the lower drinking age is successful, and in college, the consumption among students increased after the limit was raised to twenty-one. The law recognizes citizens at the age of eighteen as legal adults: “adults should have the right to make their own decisions about alcohol consumption”(“Drinking Age”). Legal adulthood consequently, comes with different types of rights and responsibilities. Once people reach the age of eighteen they receive the right to vote, to smoke, to have consensual sex, and to marry without parental consent. This gives them the ability to make decisions for the future of the country by voting, to do something that could affect their health, to do something that could result in a baby, which creates additional responsibility, and to start a new family through marriage without their parents’ permission. The responsibilities of being a legal adult include having total responsibility for one's actions and being trusted not to break the law since an eighteen-year-old can be charged as an adult now. A person at the age of eighteen could be in charge of someone's life through serving on a jury in major court cases, such as murders. The law also requires that all males at the age of

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