Should The Drinking Age Be Lowered?

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Alcohol! Should the legal drinking age be lowered? The answer to the question is yes it should and here is why.The drinking age limit should be lowered because in the eyes of the law a person is seen as an adult at the age of eighteen, in other countries the lower drinking age works, and in college the drinking among students increased after the limit was raised to twenty one. When a person reaches the age of eighteen they are seen as a legal adult: “adults should have the right to make their own decisions about alcohol consumption”(Drinking Age). Legal adulthood comes with all different types of rights and responsibilities with drinking not included. Eighteen year olds are given the right to vote, to smoke, to have consensual sex, and to get married without parental consent. this give citizens the ability to make decisions for the future of the country, the ability to do something that could cause future health problems, the ability to do something that could result in a baby which is additional responsibility, and the ability to separate from a family to start a new one. The responsibilities of being a legal adult are having total responsibility for one's actions and being trusted to not break the law because of being able to be charged as an adult now. An eighteen year old is also possibly in charge of someone's life depending on the type of case they could serve as a jury member on if selected. An eighteen year old boy is required to sign up for a system that if selected he would have to possibly die fighting for the country(What You Can). If eighteen year olds are old enough to fight for their country and old enough to make decisions that affect the health of themselves and the life of another person then why are they not trusted to make their own decisions regarding alcohol? In other countries a lower drinking age works because of the way alcohol is viewed and used also by how it is introduced. In most countries the drinking age is lower or nonexistent and yet most of them have less problems with drinking problems among teenagers and adults as well as lower alcoholism rates than the U.S. which has a higher drinking age. Now while in some of the countries like the United kingdom the lower drinking age

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