Should The Electoral College Be Abolished

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At least a decade after the United States was founded, many men gathered at a constitutional convention to talk about how America should choose a president. The Electoral College was put in place because the government did not trust the people to make a direct decision for our country. Today, some people are wondering if the electoral college should be abolished, letting the popular vote make the decision. There are three main ideas that help support why the electoral college should not be abolished. First, It helps keep the right people running for president. Next, it preserves the federal structure, and finally, it keeps a level playing field of how many votes each state gets in an election.
On of the most important reasons the electoral college should be kept around is that it keeps unqualified people from running for president. This can be a problem in many ways. If the electoral college was abolished, it would encourage single-issue minded candidates to jump into presidential races and if they’re also supported financially by their own fortunes, then it would really create an uneven playing field. (DOC E) Having that happen would completely throw off our political track. (According to Arthur Schlesinger) (DOC E) Many of the qualified candidates may in the end lose because too many unqualified who are running for president would splinter the vote. This will have a domino effect on our country because it will speed up the process of our government falling apart.

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