Should The Senate Approve Bill S. 877, Police Camera Act?

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Christian Benitez
Professor Russell Moses
27 June 2015
Should the Senate approve bill S. 877, Police Camera Act?
The Obama Administration announced on December 1st of 2014 that they would provide funding for 50,000 police body cameras. Not too long after this announcement, United States Senator Brian Schatz introduced bill number S. 877, the Police Body Camera Act. Many civil rights groups are anticipating with excitement the approval of this bill, while other organizations are pushing for it to be rejected. These civil rights groups believe that it will help place police accountable for their actions, create public trust and safety. On the other hand opposing groups believe it will be an invasion of privacy, be very costly and ineffective. These conflicting ideas have posed a question: Should the United States Senate approve bill S. 877, Police Camera Act?
One of the major social problems that the Senate hopes to deter with this new bill is the use of excessive force by police officers. The use of excessive force by police officers is a major social problem that many Americans face, so the Senate believes that this bill can help minimize it throughout the entire United States. (still need to develop)
Even though the Senate believes this bill will help solve the problem, it creates another major social problem, which is the high cost and maintenance of this equipment. Many police departments have already began making estimates of how much they will be spending a

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