Should The United States Government Offer Incentives For

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Should the United States Government offer incentives for organ donation? Many suggest that offering incentives or some form of monetary reimbursement for organs is likely to increase the quantity of organ donors and make the entire process easier for both donors and recipients. The severe organ shortage has generated such desperation that people all over the world have begun to resort to unethical practices to obtain the priceless organs.
Most donated organs and tissues are from people who have died. However, a living person can donate some organs as well as stem cells, blood, and platelets. The amount of people in the U.S. that are not able to donate organs is minimal. People with certain medical conditions are not able to donate …show more content…

The patients removed from the list are not included in this figure. Most die waiting for organs that living donors could have supplied. A number of patients are never even added to the waiting list because their doctor believes their chances of receiving an organ are just too low. (Tabarrok)
A recent survey commissioned by the U.S. government found that payments would make 19% of people more likely (and 9% of people less likely) to donate the organs of a deceased relative. Another study performed by the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia VA Medical Center found that payments would draw more participants without relying disproportionately on poor people. Responses showed that payments increased the number of participants who said they would give a kidney to a stranger; those increases were similar for those with high and low incomes. The study reported that participants’ willingness to give increased significantly as health risks to donors diminished, when payments rose, and if the recipient and donor were related.
Organ transplant surgery is extremely expensive. The cost of the organ itself is paid for by the transplant recipient 's health insurance policy. Some people who receive transplants have a hard time affording the cost of the transplant or related expenses. The initial testing that is required for a patient to be placed on the waiting list for a transplant can cost over $10,000. The cost of the transplant

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