Should We Love Spartacus

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Some people would argue that "this new World" referred to above looks suspiciously a lot like the old one, if you look closely enough. As California's post makes clear it is impossible to discuss Spartacus without bringing "politics" into it. Those who criticize it seem to be objecting not just to the choreography but to its subject matter and its putative political outlook. Any implications about the views or tastes of someone just because they happen to enjoy a work of "art" (even if accurate and therefore depressing) are highly problematic though. It would be interesting to know, but should it really matter to us whether Putin loves Spartacus? Do all people who like a work of "art", a person, a nation, or anything else like it (or him/her) for the same reasons? Would Spartacus love Putin or Hitler --or Spartacus? Should we loathe Wagner's music because the Nazis loved it? Should we burn all the copies of Leni Riefenstahl's movies because they glorify a hideous, dangerous political movement and philosophy? And while we are at it all copies of The Birth of a Nation because of its blatant racism? On and on. Classical ballet represents an eminently worthy and civilized attempt to escape from all the ugly, brutal realities of the world --or at best deal with them only very subtly. I myself greatly prefer to see Willis, swans and Shades populate the stage, but that cannot happen when …show more content…

There is also something inherently questionable about this kind of assertion, even if we only consider that we're dealing with a different training, style, repertoire. "And to watch Gomes do ANY role is surely the best thing since sliced bread." You cannot ask more of a dancer than what Mikhail Lobukhin and Svetlana Zakharova offered us Sunday afternoon. We may not like the characters they portrayed and the ballet itself, but those are different issues. By any reasonable standard these were great

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