Should We Outlaw Abortion? Essay example

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Should abortions remain legal, or outlawed?

Would you want someone, your own mother even, end your life? You, a fetus, a starving being just months alive, which’s only life support is of the mother, becomes injected with a salt solution. Suddenly your small minuscule brain erupts from the inside out, and in a matter of minutes, you are sucked out of your home for short term of your life, and into the trash you go. How can this monstrosity be a legalized practice for over 40 years? Ever since that fateful day of the Roe vs. Wade court case, the United States was never the same. Ever since the stomping ground of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice freedom fighters started back in the early 70’s, as the court case above all other court cases within the United States was closed, people have been arguing over this topic for decades. Should or shouldn’t abortion be legal. The topic has been the decision maker for women’s rights, politics, religion, even in everyday conversation. In the norm of American ethics and values, the act of murder is morally wrong. Therefore, the killing of unborn fetuses should be morally wrong as well. Abortion, this unethical practice of terminated unborn fetuses should be outlawed because the baby itself is a human being and has no say in his/her death. The 14th amendment states you should not deprive anyone of life, and because it can cause physical and mental damage to the mother.

In the United states, as early as the 1900’s, abortion had been an…

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