Should We Pay For Smog Check And Paying An Extra Amount Of Dollars?

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Having to pay for Smog Check and paying an extra amount of dollars to refill a certain type of gasoline for the car are few of the many expenses that does not make sense for many of us, but this is the price we pay for our actions that carried negative outcomes on our climate. Yes, its the global warming problem that all the countries are bragging about its effects; they are the effects that made our summers hotter and warmed our winters, and to prove its seriousness Levitt and Dubner, in their Super freakonomics book had their own way of approaching this problem economically, quoted “that climate change ‘would force economic and social adjustments on a world wide scale’”(160). As a part of the world, the state of California had been effected by global warming in various ways due to many reasons that will be covered in this paper. In California, the increase in temperatures were noticeable when compared to the last decades which incentivized the state to implement laws and legislations that control the main cause of our climate change, greenhouse gases. While many sectors of the state are emitting greenhouse gases non-stop, the government of California took a big effort in issuing regulations to reduce and stop greenhouse gases emissions in the contributing sectors as a plan for a cleaner and suitable environment. Before talking about reducing the greenhouse gases, we should ask ourselves what are the greenhouse gases. From here we can say, greenhouse gases are the gases

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