Should We Research On Mummies

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Should we research on mummies? Being a controversial issue, public have argued on this for a long time. While according to the plentiful materials we have now, we are sure that we should investigate them. To support it, here are three reasons why we should do researches on the mummies: help to protect them, help to develop the medicine, help to develop the history reaches. Why? How does these reasons make sense? After reading the passage, you will fond the answers and realize how much unexpected benefits we can get from the researches. To begin with, the research among the mummies help to protect them form being damaged. As all we know, in the 1890s in London, after the army of Napoleon came back to the Europe, the mystery stories about mummies made every one crazy about …show more content…

In the 1970s, the researchers gained a very detailed picture of health in ancient Egypt through the CT scan. As a result, they found that the ancient Egyptians also suffer from atherosclerosis commonly. According to this phenomenon, scientists deduced that the cardiovascular disease is not a modern affliction at all. That gives scientists a dipper understanding of such diseases, which is a great medicine improvement. Last but not least, the investigations help to develop the history researches. Once, in a long period, the historians could only find some formal texts that say only a little about ordinary life of Egyptians. That caused a great difficulty for the historians to learn the daily life of the ancient Egyptians. While the after the mummies, so-called “the repository if information on the ordinary life ”was found, the Egypt history investigators was given a bountiful helping hand. According to all the arguments above, researching the mummies bring a lot of benefits for us, no matter on cultural, medicinal or historical. Thus, it’s safe to say that the researches are necessary and meaningful, which means we should research the

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