Should Women Abuse Be A Worldwide Public Health Problem? Essay

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First Draft In a society known for its advancements in many aspects, it is hard to comprehend how less than 40 years ago, male to female assaults behind closed doors were invisible and unacknowledged. Even family therapists refused to recognized gendered violence. The highly valued and widely read Journal of Marriage and Family did not speak of relationships where there was violence but only referred to them as only conflicts that may arise within marriage. The authors even addressed this “conflicts” as a norm, and even healthy when it came to familial relationships (Dekesered, 297). Although today’s society does not cover up the horrors that may occur through male to female assault, it does not do a great job of addressing it or even acknowledging its actual harm to women. In fact, there is plenty of evidence stating that women abuse has become a worldwide public health problem. The World Health Organization conducted a multi-country study and found that out of the over 24,000 women who resided in urban and rural parts of 10 countries that were interviewed, the percentage assaulted physically or sexually by and intimate partner ranged doom 15 to 71% (Dekesered, 298). There are prominent politicians, journalists, activists, and researchers who minimize the alarming extent of woman abuse. Numerous sociologists argue that there is something about broader structural and cultural forces, such as patriarchy, that allows for so many women to be victimized (Dekesered, 297). All

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