Should a 7 year old be held for criminal Intent Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: 1 CASE STUDY PSYCHOLOGY 210 MARY JENKINS 2 According to our legal system, children under 7 are not held responsible for crimes. It is said that a 6 year old cannot form criminal intent. The developmental factors that supported this legal decision are biosocial, cognitive…show more content…
The hypothalamus responds to signals from both the amygdala and hippocampus 3 to produce hormones that are beneficial to the activation of others parts of the brain and body. (Berger 201, pgs. 217-219) Cognitive Development Children are unable to comprehend the difference between reality and what the child believes. According to Piaget cognitive development between the ages of 2-6 is called preoperational. Logical reasoning is not prevalent during this age frame. (Berger, 2011, pg. 237) Piaget described the thinking characteristics of children ages 2-6 as centric: two of the four contraction characteristics specifically apply to intent and they are egocentrism and static reasoning (Berger, 2011, pg. 238). Six year olds are egocentric or self-centered, which means the child can only view the world from his own perspective, and the use of static reasoning means the child believes that the world remains the same as long as he is not watching. Vygotsky discovered that children are "apprentices in thinking" (Berger, 2011, pg. 240).
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