Essay On Black Or Green

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Should we go green or black? It is high times that we have to decide upon to which color we cling on to –green or black. Before that, we have to decide on about ourselves and our future generations. Are we expecting to see our sons and daughters to prosper or perish? I hope no parents will like to see their children perish, but to see them having more comfortable life than they had. So, we have to be green, not only for us, but also for our future generations and thus to save our mother planet. In this era of technology green energy forms one of the corner stone which helps us to rescue our planet from being destroyed. Green energy refers to the non-perishable energy obtained from sources like S and the 3w’s namely, Sun, wind, and water. We, the humans are gifted with non-perishable source of energy: Sun. Sun does not have any misery in giving out his light and heat to humans. It only depends on how tactic and wise humans are to utilize this opportunity. The solar heat and light can be utilized by the use of photoelectric voltaic cells which will store the energy as electrical energy. This can be later utilized for lighting the bulbs, heating water and in any places where electricity is being used. Another non-perishable source of energy is water. Though flowing water is the source of energy, even still water can be utilized for making energy. The ice could even be utilized, when during the summer months when the ice starts melting. Wind is another source of energy. Even

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