Shovel As A Work Of Art

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1. I disagree with the authors' definition for work of art. The author states that their thought on work of art has to be something made by a person. Nature such as trees and insects are not works of art. I personally hold more of vague and open opinion on my definition for work of art. I feel like nature and even the uncontrolled movements caused by non human are considered as art. My definition of work of art would be something that can be seen or thought visually by human beings. I would include everyday objects including water bottles and cell phone with my own inspirations applied like mixed media as work of art. I think it does not always have to human or an artist to be involved with the art work. The Fountain by Marcel Duchamp used a urinal with a fictional name signed as a work of art. He changed the original urinal by signing differing from an original urinal. Things do not have to be at a gallery or be complicated designed to be a work of art. The possibilities of art are endless

2. I would find the Shovel by Jim Dime as a work of art. The shovel was not made by Jim himself, but he altered the shovel to his own explanation. Jim used shovel with other material to make mixed media art. He did not just put the exact same shovel that was mass produced by the factory as work of his art. Shovel does fit the three criteria. Jim Dime made the finished product of Shovel by mixing other mediums including paints, wood, a cord, and metal. Jim Dime made the Shovel with

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