Shylock in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

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Shylock in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

Through time there have been many successful individuals in literature writers, poets, and play writers. But many would argue that one individuals work and character has stood out from the rest and this special illustrious person being William Shakespeare. In the many dramatic pieces of theatrical production written and the diverse individuality he ahs been able to write about many characters created through great though and open imagination. But one of the most famous fictional and criticised Jewish personality’s of English literature was created by Shakespeare, by the name of Shylock.

Shylocks character remains highly problematic,
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This often results in a negative reaction from the viewing audience. Also villain’s action might be to discriminate, or to punish others. But usually it’s more mentally than physical actions of abuse and vehemence felt by the victim through the antagonist.

“It is only through praises and persecutions that we will be able to fulfil our objectives” this may sound a bit arraying at first. But to some extend we can relate it to Shylock and the play. The praises might not be made vocal but when the Christians are relying on Shylock for receiving loans to aid the Christians extravagant life styles he must feel in a way it’s praise, but on the other hand he is being used; which is clear. But although as the play progresses and Shylock beings to become victim of Christian discrimination and prejudice, deep down he wants revenge, a backlash against the christens but this may encourage him to fulfil his objective that might be to be accepted for who he is by the Venetian society. This may sound hypocritical to even think for a moment he wants to bind and create friendship but he defiantly won’t be constantly rejected because of his identity.

Our personality is a reflection of the soundings we are from and the people we are around. And Shylock merges into this idea as he was firstly a victim of abused and discrimination, it is only after what Shylock experienced
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