Sidney Bruup : The Five Characters In Clifford Anderson's Deathtrap

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In the play Deathtrap there were only five characters, Sidney Bruhl the struggling playwright, Myra Bruhl his wife, Clifford Anderson his former student and later shown as his lover, Helga Ten Dorp the psychic next door neighbor, and Porter Milgrim Sidney's attorney. The performers were dressed in 70’s inspired clothing to go with the time period of the play such as the psychic’s tracksuit, Myras long white nightgown, and Sidney’s nice suit. There were a few instances where the items of clothing shown in the play were typically worn during that time, such as Clifford Anderson’s ankle high hiking boots, but they actually played a vital role in the play as seen when the Psychic noticed them and comes to the realization that a man in boots would kill Sidney Bruhl. The house was the main set of the play with the living room, and the connecting office being the main focus throughout the entire play. The props that proved to be crucial to the play were the murder weapons found along the office walls and the fireplace in the center of the room. The fireplace was used multiple times during the play in order for the characters to burn scripts, blood covered rags, etc. The murder weapons which were from Sidney Bruhl’s plays added to the suspense because you never knew when someone was going to grab them and kill someone, plus with some being real while others were fake it continued to add even more suspense to the play. You never knew if the person was actually dead, or if they were

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