Sieze the Day in the Dead Poet Society by Tom Schulman Essay

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Through outdoor soccer games and the ripping of textbook pages, John Keating, an English professor, instructs his pupils of the dangers of conformity and the importance to seize the day. In Tom Schulman’s Dead Poet’s Society, the students of Welton Academy, an all-boys preparatory school, quarrel between tradition and individuality. Mr. Keating emphasizes the value of emotions, mystery and imagination through the teaching of romanticism. The realist administration of Welton founded on the pillars of “tradition, honor, discipline, [and] excellence”, contrast Keating’s passionate teachings. With stringent expectations, the classic film showcases the students’ struggle between satisfying their passions or conforming to society. Through …show more content…

Cameron ends up agreeing to the group, but only because everyone else has joined. In contrast of Cameron, through the character of Neil Perry, the movie explores the Romantic component to the traditionalist teachings of Welton academy. Neil, a passionate, well-liked student, is inspired by Mr. Keating’s teachings and is the first to organize the Dead Poets Society. His Romantic behaviors though begin in the beginning of the film when his father says that he can no longer take school annual. Mr. Perry, Neil’s father who is a static, one-dimensional man who envisions a successful future for his son with a medical degree. Neil disputes his father by saying, “But Father, I can't. It wouldn't be fair”. The defiant behavior emulates the nonconformity trait of Romantics. He continues to defy Mr. Perry when Neil tries out for a Shakespearean play and doctors a letter of permission. When Todd says to Neil “You’re not gonna write it,” Neil insouciantly responds, “Oh yes, I am”. The nonchalant reply further proves Neil’s yearning for individuality. He’s willing to go extremes to break free from his parent’s and the school’s expectations. In addition to these characters, the character Todd Anderson explores both realism and romanticism. Todd is a new student at Welton Academy. A very shy and disconnected boy, he is the most dynamic out of the entire cast. In the beginning of the film, he is inspired by Mr. Keating’s phase “Seize the

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