Sightseeing Trip : Washington, D.c

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A sightseeing vacation in Washington, D.C. wouldn 't be complete without taking a bus tour of the historic sights. One of the top tour companies in Washington, D.C. is Old Town Trolley Tours. I recently took one of their tours while on vacation. Old Town Trolley Tours has three trolley routes (or "loops"). The orange loop passes by the National Mall and Downtown. The green loop shows the National Cathedral, Uptown and Georgetown. The red loop travels to Arlington National Cemetery. My family took the orange loop, since it was my kids ' first time in the nation 's capital and we wanted to see the monuments. All three loops have a total of 19 combined stops. One trolley fare entitles the rider to board and disembark at any stop. Due to the unseasonably warm weather and tired children in tow, we decided to stay on for the entire loop. All tours start at the Old Town Trolley welcome center at 11th and E Streets. The orange loop should last 90 minutes. However, we were there during the Cherry Blossom weekend and gridlock was prevalent all over the district. Our ride lasted almost two hours. Because of the traffic, the driver had to forgo stopping at the Jefferson Memorial. The cherry blossoms are located in the Tidal Basin, which is also the site of the Jefferson Memorial. A highlight of our tour was catching an unobstructed view of the White House. At each monument or sight, the trolley comes to a full stop and passengers are allowed to get on or off. Most of the people on
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