Sigmund Freud's Treatment Of Mental Illnesses

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. Freud’s commitment to the theory of “Psycho-Sexual” development of the person stems from his own childhood memories. He was born into a family that lived in a small space, with his half-brothers that look like adults and a father that looked like a grandfather. At a very young age he would record his dreams that exposed his fantasies. I believe he was confused about sex growing up that he is confused about his feelings about sex. His commitment to his theory was to decipher what was appropriate for the different stages of life. In order for Freud to make his feelings seem “normal”, he opened up peoples’ minds about the thought of a person and their sexual accumulation.
2. Freud might have chosen women exclusively for his work in therapy due …show more content…

Before the time that Freud used hypnosis, treatments of mental illnesses were on the backburner. His passion for the unconscious mind led to his practice of hypnosis to treat mental illnesses. He believed that hypnosis could produce a physical symptom, in the body and the hidden part of the mind he labeled as “the unconscious”. It proved to not have an impact to end his patients’ hysterias. I believe that hypnosis was a step in the right direction to help cure, however the therapy of “the talking cure” was a better method due to most of his clients being females. Females love to talk about their feelings and feel a lot better after doing so. You can solve a lot of problems just by talking to get the back-story of where the problems first originated. You would be amazed what someone is willing to share. Freud would have needed to talk to them first before hypnotizing his patients, as a method to understand on a deeper level their suppressed memories or to influence their involuntary actions. The talking cure works just like counseling. In my personal experience, counseling is a great way to listen and interpret in order to change how we acted in the …show more content…

The Freudian slip is any action that can expose an unconscious thought aloud. These happen daily because we live fast-paced lives that we do not always stop and think what we say and do; we are constantly thinking a million things per minute that we confuse what we think versus what we say. Real life examples of the use of the “Freudian Slip” is the slip of the tongue when someone calls someone by the wrong name, uses the wrong word, and misinterprets a word. For example, a mom can use another child’s name to call her other child, or someone can write a text message but is writing what they are saying out loud to someone in

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