Sigmund Freud 's ' Five Lectures On Psychoanalysis '

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In Sigmund Freud’s “Five Lectures on Psychoanalysis,” he introduces theories regarding repressed memories as a source for mental disturbances and methods of retrieving these memories. Freud introduces techniques such as dream interpretation, word association, and hypnosis as methods for treating symptoms of mental disturbances; it is for these discoveries that Sigmund Freud is considered the father of psychoanalysis. According to neuropsychologist Paul Broks, “Freud might also be considered one of the founders of neuropsychology” (Broks 1). In Paul Broks’ essay “The Ego Trip: Denial, Defense Mechanisms, Repression,” Broks states that he believe that because many of Freud’s theories have been disproven by modern technology and other …show more content…

“They cannot escape from the past and neglect present reality in its favor” (CP 73). Not everyone can walk past the monuments.
Freud is held most famous for introducing psychoanalysis as a method of mental health treatment. Psychoanalysis is a psychological theory that investigates the conscious and subconscious minds with the goal of treating mental disturbances. Psychoanalysis essentially retrieves a patient’s repressed feelings and fears to the surface with techniques such as hypnosis, word association, dream interpretation, and hesitations and fumbles. Although Freud was not originally a fan of hypnosis, it was theorized to be an effective of way of channeling the subconscious mind. Word associations are the first things that come into mind. It goes straight through the id, so there is no time to channel the ego or superego. In other words, when someone says the first word that goes through their mind, it gives Freud a way to see into their subconscious mind and discover the trauma that the patient may have experienced. The patient does not have the opportunity to over think about what he is saying. According to Freud, dreams arouse feelings that are disguised and the unconscious mind can be investigated by tracking and interpreting dreams. An example of a hesitation or fumble is a Freudian slip, which is when someone

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