Significance Of Napoleon Bonaparte

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Although he inspired new social, economic, and political ideas, Napoleon Bonaparte is better known for his military strategies and tactics. His wars are studied by millions all over the globe and his tactics have been modified and implemented in militaries all around the world. Napoleon was one of the greatest tactician and military geniuses of his time and played a major role in the history and development of military art, but all this started at a very young age. At the age of nine, his parents send him to military school in France, in 1785 just 5 feet 2 inches tall he graduated and became an artillery lieutenant. in 1795 he at the age of 26 he commanded an entire army and fought in many wars in Italy, Austria, The Netherlands, Malta, Egypt, Syria, and Russia. Napoleon got exiled twice to two small islands and eventually died on September 3, 1893. Napoleon also had great accomplishments outside the battlefield such as, ending the post-French revolution chaos in France, rebuilding Pairs into a place of beautiful parks and boulevards, founding…show more content…
He depended on speed, mass, and maneuverability in his battles and it served him well, during the course of his career these tactics were used to form a great empire lead by a genius leader. Napoleon studied the strategies of past great generals and read the campaigns of Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar, Gustavus, Turenne, and Fredrick the Great, each assessing the mistakes they did and the disadvantages and advantages of their position in each hour of war, from then he went on and created strategies that militaries learnt from. The majority of Napoleon’s campaigns began, not on the battlefield but first, he collected all the information he could on his potential enemy and studied every aspect of his opponent’s country, history, and military forces. His tactics came from a shotgun mirage of revolutionary
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