Significance Of The Columbian Exchange

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What was the significance of the Columbian Exchange? The significance of the Colombian Exchange was the Europeans bringing over their crops, animals, and diseases. First, crops are a direct way for population growth in humans. The Columbian Exchange brought new crops to the New World such as maize, white potatoes, sweet potatoes and manioc. These are all crops that are essential to our diets today. Our ability to grow and harvest plants is amazing in itself but to travel to uncharted land and thrive is truly greatness. Animals were affected by the Colombian Exchange too. Cattle and horses were brought ashore in the early 1600s and found the perfect climate in the New World. On a negative note, the Europeans brought over their diseases which almost eliminated a whole population of people. Small Pox was the culprit for most of the Native American deaths. The Native Americans did not have the immune system built for these kind of diseases and most of them died. The Columbian Exchange changed the entire demographic of the world. What was the significance of King Philips War? The significance of King Philips War was the last effort of the Native Americans to drive out the European settlers. This was their last chance to take back their land and the Native Americans failed. This is significant because this gave the Europeans control over all of the American land. The war destroyed twelve towns and lasted for a little over a year. The Native Americans were subject
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