Significance Of The Cuban Revolution

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The Cuban Revolution was a turning point in Cuban History that would affect how Cuba is today. There were many events that led up to the revolution that go back deep in the history of Cuba. The first people to support the revolution, and the backbone of the revolution, was the lower class and the poor Cubans. The revolution started in 1953 and lasted for six years ending in early 1959. For most of the revolution Castro and his rebels were heavily outnumbered and went through years of hardship to overthrow the Batista dictatorship. The start of the revolution started on July 26, 1953. Castro had very few rebels alongside him and they didn’t have many weapons so their first target was the Moncada barracks. Castro and the rebels were heavily outnumbered and the attack ultimately failed resulting in heavily casualties by the rebel. Whatever rebels that were not killed during the assault were captured by Batista dictatorship including Castro and his brother. All of the surviving rebels who survived were put on public trial. Castro was a trained lawyer and did very well defending himself and the rebels during the trials. During the trial Castro made the argument that he was just doing his civic duty as a loyal Cuban to overthrow a dictatorship. During the trials, the Batista dictatorship tried to censor his speeches. at the end of the trial Castro was sentenced to 15 years in prison but ended up only serving 19 months. He was also a hero to the poor people of Cuba after they
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