Significance Of Witchcraft Hysteria In The Crucible

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There are many important contributing factors as to why the witchcraft hysteria gripped Salem, Massachusetts. Whether it would be superstition, religion, economics, politics, or gender, they all played a huge part in this chaotic event. One of them is superstition, the belief in and reverence for supernatural beings, caused everyone in the miniature town of Salem to hang their very own citizens due to young girls pretending that some ladies in town are witches and that they wounded them by using “witchery”. It all started with a slave named Tituba who worked for Samuel Parris, the local preacher in Salem. One day when the preacher was out and Tituba and Samuel’s niece, Abigail Williams and his daughter, Bette Parris were at home. The girls, reading scripture and Tituba, preparing food were having a quiet afternoon when Abigail wanted to get her future told. Tituba, who comes from an island and her background experiences of voodoo, reads the girl’s future in the palm of her hand. During this process, Bette gets overwhelmed and ends up acting out in an abnormal way, almost as if her soul left her body. Wanting to share the fascination of what Tituba can do, many of the young girls in Salem gathered in the preacher’s house once he is not home.

Realizing this power, the girls start imagining occurrences and start blaming innocent town members of performing witchcraft on them. Thus, coming back to superstition, since everyone believed these girls and their tales because they
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