Signs Of Hope In John Stienbeck's Grapes Of Wrath

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The Hope within the Dark In the novel Grapes of Wrath by John Stienbeck, there are many pessimistic actions, events, characters, symbols, and themes that the Joad family encounters on their move from Oklahoma to California in search of work during the Dust Bowl migration. However, for the reader there is much more to this novel than just the pessimistic side. In order to find the optimistic side of the novel and the signs of hope that occur within, the reader must go beyond the surface level of the pessimistic side and discover the many signs of hope that are found within the dark times. Once this is accomplished, the reader is able to clearly see many signs of hope, including moving families, work, and the state of California, which outweigh the pessimistic portion of the novel and reassure the reader that humanity’s ongoing struggle with adversity will be successful. One sign of hope that comes during a dark time, is that many of the moving families are open to working together in order to survive and make it west to California in search of work. One example of this is the interaction between the Joad and Wilson families. This sign of hope starts when the Wilsons allow use of their tent and blankets to the Joad family for the passing of Grampa Joad. After this event, the families begin working together on their journey to California. “We got an overload, but Mr. an’ Mis’ Wilson ain’t. If some of us folks could ride with them an’ take some a their light stuff in the

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