The Grapes Of Wrath Literary Analysis

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“At the heart of every immigrant’s experience is a dream- a vision of hope that is embodied in his or her destination” (Gladstein 685). In the novel, The Grapes of Wrath the migrants imagined the absolute aspects of living care free to the west. However, everything changed once they traveled to the west, realizing the simple concept turned into hazardous problems. John Steinback emphasized the American dream of economic stability and truculent situations towards the Joads family's point of view. Throughout the immigration, the Joads family goes through constant and unpredictable changes in employment, and their eventual failure to find success in California. The novel has been called by critics "a celebration of the human spirit", in several ways it is true due to the aspects of human nature. Despite the hazardous actions people can do, it is important to realize everything around us. Human dignity from the Great Depression allowed many Americans to transform the country into harsh and new realities, transforming it into New America. Critics stated the novel was "sometimes outraged" and the "most American of American classics", which can be true since the novel has intense actions and events that happened to people and the country. The people during the Great Depression chose to have dignity because of their human nature, it includes in our souls that we treat people with respect. In The Grapes of Wrath, chapter thirty it states, "Rose of Sharon loosened one side of
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