Silence Of The Lambs And Antisocial Personality Disorder Essay

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This paper will briefly examine the movie Silence of the Lambs and the possible Antisocial Personality Disorder portrayed in the movie. It will involve critical thinking in the identifying and discussing of the disorder as found in the movie, how this disorder might have developed, a discussion pertaining to the accuracy of the disorder found within the movie, and briefly discuss some possible treatments for this disorder. Although a wide array of credible sources exists such as the DSM-5, each have their own respective definitions and descriptions of Antisocial Personality Disorder. While numerous sources offer an abundance of other publications readily available to an individual that will aid them in their research of the information regarding Antisocial Personality Disorder, this paper will generally focus on the disorder found within the chosen movie, Silence of the Lambs, with the assistance of the reputable and credible source of the DSM-5.

Keywords: Antisocial Personality Disorder, psychological, personality disorders

Silence of the Lambs and
Antisocial Personality Disorder
When choosing a movie from the approved movie list for this final research paper, Silence of the Lambs stood out more than the others. It not only leaves an impression, but the inspiration of the Buffalo Bill character comes from six real-life killers; Jerry Brudos aka “The Lust Killer,” Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgway aka "The Green River Killer,” Edmund Kemper, and Gary M.

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