Silence Of The Lambs Essay

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Ways That Help a Film Portray a Suspenseful Mood
I believe that Silence of the Lambs was the most suspenseful movie we have watched. There were many things in the movie that messed with one's mind and made them see or believe things that weren’t there. Camera angles, lighting, and the tone of a character's voice can help add suspense to a film. Also, the amount of irony that was in the film made the viewer be on their toes the whole time. The Silence of the Lambs could possibly make one have nightmares or be afraid of certain things because of the way the film was portrayed.
The setting of a film can play a huge part of adding suspense or creating a mood for the film right off the bat. When The Silence of the Lambs first started Clarice Starling was running through the woods in the early morning and it was foggy outside. Also, she was alone and suddenly an officer came out of the woods. That alone can add suspense because we had no idea was she was running from or for and then someone shows up. This film was mainly shot in Virginia, but since they are FBI agents they were traveling all over the place. The most suspenseful place in the story I believe was Bill’s house. …show more content…

In The Silence of the Lambs there was a lot of irony going on. Most of it was dramatic irony. Some examples of dramatic irony was when Agent Starling went to Buffalo Bill’s house thinking she was at some old lady's house and the rest of her company was in Chicago thinking they were at the right house. The viewer knew this from watching because of the camera being able to jump back and forth, but the character’s in the story had no clue. When Lecter kills those two security guards the viewer know it’s coming because we saw the sharp object in his hand, but the security guards didn’t have a clue. Irony can make a film have more suspense because the viewer is able to see both sides what is happening versus the characters in the film that can

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