Silver Raindrop Monologue

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I still remember the dreadful day of pain, seared into my memory for all of eternity. The salty smell of blood filled the dark and smoky air. Gunshots rang through the air, echoing through the trees; yet the white flag flew high above us. Bullets rained from the sky knocking leaves and needles from the tree limbs and cut perfect circles through our tepees. An infant cried out hidden in the blood of his dead mother. Then, in the shower of deadly metal, a silver raindrop passed through the infant’s head and for one fateful second, everything became silent. Yet the rain of death persisted causing even more fatalities. I remember running as fast as my legs could carry me, trying to keep up with the rest of our people while doing my best to hide from the rain of death falling from the heavens.
Dehydrated and weak, I could run no further and collapsed in the vast plains with my travois in tow behind me. For the next moon, my brothers and sisters walked in a straight line, following the star that never move. Every day cycled into the same pattern, walking stopping, eating, sleeping, and repeating. The sun rose and fell so many times we lost count. Finally, we came into contact with a Cheyenne buffalo hunt who brought us back to camp upon specific requirements.
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Riding atop the smaller, mouse-colored steed, the vaqueros shouted, spurred and whipped their horses. I forced myself to look away so I would not begin to scream and shout. I instead turned and looked behind the horses and observed many strange animals with dog like noses and horns as long as a child. These large animals were called Longhorns and were a breed of cattle the white men used for food. After watching the town’s proceedings, I came to the conclusion that white man was not the cold blooded monster with red teeth and a devilish grin I came to picture him as; he was slightly better but a beast none the

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