The Battle Of War Among The Packs

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Two years ago, I stood where I stand now with nothing but sorrow in my heart. I watched my loved ones die in the hands of those I call fellow wolves. My mother, father, and older brother are now gone and The Moon Pack are held responsible. They were vicious, cold-blooded werewolves that kill will anyone who dared to oppose them. The pack consists of rogues from other packs which proved problematic. Their reckless actions caused a rift between packs, threatening the alliance. Thus, a treaty was formed to prevent an outbreak of war among the packs. Adam, The Moon Pack 's Alpha, Adam was the culprit behind the massacre of my pack. He, alone was I wanted to kill. The rain pours violently over my head and onto my bare chested torso. I…show more content…
Above her head a black umbrella protecting her from the harsh rain. In her other hand, a dozen of white lilies was in her grasp. "I figured you would be here," She said as she walked toward me. Rose strolled pass me and directed her attention to the memorial. She placed the flowers atop of the stone then said a prayer. She and I were the sole survivors of our pack. It would be our job to reproduce but I don 't see that happening anytime soon. Rose didn 't desire a mate and neither did I. A mate will only bring unwanted drama for me so I rid myself of the thought. I couldn 't protect my pack, therefore, I shouldn 't bring a mate in the face of danger. If she were to get hurt - in any way - I 'll never be able to forgive myself. Rose step to me and open her mouth to speak. "Have you eaten today?" she asked. "Yeah" I lied smoothly. On this day, the anniversary of the unfateful slaughter, I did nothing but sulk in misery. For hours, I would sit here, reminiscing about the bittersweet memories. All while filled with emotions such as anger and sadness. Rose step closer and took my hand. "Scar...let it go" She pressed her hand to my cheek. Her soft touch soothes the hate inside but I still wanted revenge. "You need to," she said, looking directly into my eyes. I slap her hand away, frowning at her frowns. "I can 't..." Rose sighed in annoyance. "They were my family too but..." she trailed "at some point, you need to move on" "How dare you say that!"
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