Similarities And Differences Between Ancient Egypt And Mesopotamia

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It's been nearly 5000 years since Egyptians and the first urban civilizations of Mesopotamia were around. However, these ideas and developments they created have lasted more than a life time. These ancient civilizations started early forms of governments, administrations, social structures, and even laws. The similarities and differences of these societies and the influences of geography impact will show how they lived.
Throughout ancient history a lot of what developed back then was imperative and changed the way ancient humans lived. Ancient societies came together to form communities, irrigation systems, group worship, and even social hierarchies. Around 3500 BCE early irrigation system promoted agriculture. Having a surplus of food meant that not everyone had to work. As cities grew bigger laws were established to protect the people, and keep peace throughout the land. While Egypt and Mesopotamia had some differences, they shared some common interests.
Old kingdom Egypt and Mesopotamia shared a lot of similarities and multiple differences. The first Sumerian cities had populations between 5,000 and 50,000 people and became the center of trade. City walls were important to ensure the people's protection so they didn't get raided. Egypt however had no walls and was isolated. Due to Egypt's isolation, they weren't involved in external conflicts and where the most peaceful and prosperous of the three kingdoms. While Mesopotamia had kings, old kingdom Egypt had god like

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