Similarities And Differences Between Ancient Egypt And Mesopotamia

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The introduction of writing, the wheel, the calendar, and astronomy. Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt allowed human beings, for the first time in history, to settle down in one place and farm instead of chasing their often dangerous wild animal food sources. Both civilizations shared similarities and differences in their climate, politics, intellect, religion, arts and architecture, technology, economics, and social structures, that allowed them to flourish and become two of the most well-known ancient civilizations.
Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, both had a similar climate. Located in river valleys or areas of flat land that has a river running through it. Yearly it would flood and once the water receded, it would leave behind fertile soil that was great for planting.The rivers provided food, soil, water, and even transportation.
When it comes to politics, things aren't so different. Both Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt connected religion to their Government. Its laws had control over all people. The Mesopotamians and ancient Egyptians would pay their taxes to the government with goods and hard labor.
The civilizations and its people are all intelligent. During their lifespan, Mesopotamians and ancient Egyptians created their own written language that used symbols. It allowed their historians to record important events. Sadly, their written language was hard to learn due to having tons of symbols.
Religion was an important factor in the everyday lives of the Mesopotamians and

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