Similarities And Differences Between Beowulf And Achilles

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Both of Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon literature and Achilles in The Iliad have a number of parallels in the way that they are presented as being the epic heroes and the leading characters with almost supernatural strength and the classical heroic traits. Although the similarities are easy to identify, the differences are also show up in the stories. While the the story of Beowulf solely portrays the heroic and positive traits of Beowulf, the story regarding to Achilles tend to reveal both two opposite clues that circle around him. It seems both of these two heroes were given the superpower, warrior traits and unlimited physical power to accomplish those achievements that normal people are unable to face . ‘Dripping with my enemies’ blood. I drove Five great giants into chains, chased All of that race from the earth.’ (Beowulf Poem) Trough the speech of Beowulf, it is easy to visualize the figure of him. An experienced warrior with endless power who survived from hundreds of battle appears in our mind. Even before the battle with Grendel, we already figure out Beowulf must be the one with strong body and unusual strength, and must be powerful enough to compete with five great giants. The same miracle also happened on Achilles. During the Trojan War, Achilles is unstoppable on the battlefield, killing a horde of men with his bare hands. It seems his strength is also unparalleled by anyone else and is superior to any other warrior. Both of two men obtain

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