Similarities And Differences Between Gatsby And George Wilson

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Even though there are clear external differences between Jay Gatsby and George Wilson, there are also similarities between them. First off, both Gatsby and Wilson seek women that are romantically involved with Tom. Even though Wilson is already married to his woman, Gatsby goes on having an affair. They both want acceptance of these women and they both come from a very working-class background. They both want recognition of these women, and they both come from the background of the working class itself. Wilson is working for an honest life trying to stretch every dollar, Gatsby working illegally, regularly throwing away money. The extent of Nick's time with Gatsby -therefore our time as readers -might make Gatsby seem like Nick holds greater sympathy for Gatsby. However, by the end, Nick is growing disgust for Gatsby's obsession with Daisy, especially when it tosses morality out the window. Nick gives little report on Wilson, in fact, he seems to always report what's going on with Wilson with little interest. Regarding Gatsby, Nick "had enough of all of them [referring to Gatsby, Daisy, Tom, and Jordan]"(Fitzgerald 79) and he thought Gatsby was "despicable."(Fitzgerald 79) This is all just after the accident. By the end of the whole story though, Nick's sympathy toward Gatsby improved. He felt terrible that no one paid honor to this man or cared that he was dead. Wilson and Gatsby are similar in that they both wanted the American Dream. Both men are working

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