Similarities And Differences Between Hinduism And Christianity

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Throughout studying the Hindu religion I realized how complex the practices and culture of the faith really are. Hinduism is the only religion I have learned about outside of christianity making the study of it much more interesting. Comparing and contrasting my faith with another produced many deep thoughts and questions about what religion really is. How do we know if our religion is more right than theirs or vice versa? There are many similarities and differences between Hinduism and Christianity whether it is the culture they predominantly are a part of, the way they perceive God, or the intricate details of each religion. Traditional Hindu culture has fascinated me because of its heavy focus on yoga. The picture of yoga I see in my mind is meditating on top of mountain plateaus as the sun rises or on the ocean while the waves are breaking at your feet. In western culture today yoga is much associated with teen girls or post-childbirth women trying to stay in good shape. The concept of the three main yogas Bhakti, Jnana, and Karma, to me, show how flexible their religion is. The Christian faith does not have different set ways that you can worship god with. I was only raised to worship god through one path. Along with the focus on yoga, The caste system is a major difference between cultures but holds certain similarities. The caste system is made up of four main categories. The Brahmins, Kshatriyas, vaishyas, and Sudras include the jobs the mass majority of the

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