Similarities And Differences Between Martin Luther King Rama And Ramna

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Martin Luther King Jr. was an important part of the American civil rights movement. He inspired his people and pursued his dreams for Americans. Rama was the King of Ayodhya and was determined to support the people of his city. Although Martin Luther King Jr. and Rama, from The Ramayana, are from two vastly different societies and cultures, they share many similarities; they are both tremendous leaders and advocates for their people. Rama and Martin Luther King Jr. are both known for their leadership. Martin Luther King Jr. used his willpower and beliefs to inspire and guide his people. He was inspired and influenced by great activists Mahatma Gandhi and Bayard Rustin, he became a civil rights leader and spoke in front of thousands of people.…show more content…
At the time, Rama did not know he was a god, but he was given many godly traits that allowed him to assist and lead his people. With these godly traits, he was able to defeat demons and rule his city with ease. He was devoted to his people and his wife, Sita, and would do anything for them. Using his head strength and determination, Rama was called to remove all the evil from the Earth, and he succeeded. When he received this mission, the gods cried out, “Oh, adept and master of weapons, impart without any reserve all your knowledge and powers to this lad. He is a saviour.” Rama was a great leader because he deeply cared about his people and wanted to withhold a safe community full of trusting people. He was able to conduct a society with these qualities because of his leadership, honesty, and ability to communicate with the people of Ayodhya. As king, Rama had many responsibilities and these responsibilities came with conflicts. Rama was faced with competition from Ravana, the king of Lanka, and battles he needed to fight with his army of monkeys. Although he faced a lot of conflict throughout his rule as king, Rama was persistent on fighting through those challenges for the sake of his people. Because of this persistence and greatness, Rama is recognized as an admirable leader and his story can inform many people about leadership and what qualities are needed to become a great
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