Similarities And Differences Between Martin Luther King And Malcolm X

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Mahatma Gandhi once stated that, “Without action you aren’t going anywhere”. This line by Gandhi who was a well-known leader of Indian Independence movement reveals that a person must act in order to bring about change. In other words, in our history we as humans face a lot of obstacles in our way in which some individuals would react to it and others wouldn’t. For example, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X whom like Gandhi acted instead of remaining silent and these two individuals had their own beliefs and ideas of handling various situations. Martin Luther King Jr. was an activist leader and spokesperson during the Civil Rights Movement until his assassination that left a remarkable impact on individuals through his actions. On the other hand, Malcolm X is one of the well-known African Americans in history who advocated for the rights of blacks and encouraged many to speak against the oppression of whites. Both of these individuals where activist who through their actions wanted to make the public aware of what is going on around them, but Martin Luther King and Malcolm X believed in different ways of approaching the same issue making their views and battle dissimilar with one another on how civil rights should be achieved. Martin Luther King was a leader who always believed in a peaceful fight and unlike other leaders who believed violence should be used if is necessary. King was a strong speaker whose speeches were moving and believed in nonviolent resistance to
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