Similarities And Differences Between Northern And Southern Colonies

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Colonies, colonies, we all should know that a colony is a region of land that is under the political control of another country. According to the passage, "the colonies began with the founding of Jamestown until the beginning of the Revolutionary War." The author explains, that there is are 13 colonies divided into three groups, Northern, southern and middle. The reason for this is that they all have idiosyncratic backgrounds. The New England (Northern), Southern, and Middle colonies are different, particularly in terms of land, labor, religion, native relations, and etc. The colonies, although they were all British they had some similarities, but mainly they had differences.

The colonies of the south and the New England had one similarity; there relationship with the natives. Both of the colonies had very bad relations with the natives. The south needed the native land for tobacco plantations, which caused a lot of conflict between the two groups. The conflict escalated to the point where the southerners gave the natives blankets infected with the smallpox virus. This virus killed off almost the whole native because they weren’t very well suited to fight the disease.

The New England colonies also had a bad relationship with the natives because in some parts of the colony like Massachusetts persecuted the natives because they wanted them to switch to their religion, they also needed more native land for their timber industry and also fur trade. The people of

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