Similarities Between Southern Colonies And New England Colonies

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In 1607 a group of English settlers built village in Jamestown, Virginia. King Jaime I of England founded a colony in the first seven months after its arrival. Within these colonies we find the New England colonies and South Carolina colonies. We will analyze and compare the government systems, religious and economic development of both colonies and how they were related. We are going to start discussing the economic aspect of both colonies, it is important to note that the economic activities and trade of each colony depended on the environment in which the settlers lived. Geography and climate were important factors that impacted the economic and commercial activities between New England colonies and Southern colonies because these depended on the environment. The article, “Economy in Colonial New England” talks about the economy in the New England colony, it says “In contrast to the southern colonies, which could produce tobacco, rice, and indigo in exchange for imports, New England's colonies couldn't offer much to England beyond fish, furs, and naval stores.” The New England colonies used the fishing and the construction of boats to maintain economically. They made soap, clothing and candles. Its exports fish, whale products, boats, wood products, furs, maple syrup, copper, horses, beer and whiskey. They had problems with agriculture, it was difficult to plant wheat because the quality of nutrients on the land was poor, but corn, pumpkins, rye and beans had better

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