Similarities And Differences Between Romeo And Juliet And West Side Story

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Romeo and Juliet compared to West Side Story can be contrasted and compared. These are the four different plot events that were taken in the movies (West Side Story) and (Romeo And Juliet.) One of the events that took place was at the beginning of the play where all the crews hated each other. They were similar because, in Romeo and Juliet, the Capulets and the Montagues hated each other for a while because they were constantly fighting over stupid things and did not get along well. Same with the Jets and the sharks except the Jets were constantly picking on them because they were different from the rest. Another event that took place was when the two lovers met for the first time. In Romeo and Juliet, They met at the masquerade ball where it was a Capulets party and people had to dress up fancy and put on a mask on their face which covered their face and could not tell who was a Montague and a Capulet. The Montagues were not invited but Romeo found out through a messenger and he was in “love” with Rosaline. Romeo brought his best friend, Mercutio, and his cousin, Benvolio. Romeo and Juliet met through a dance and they talked for a while privately. Later on, Romeo and his crew decided to leave because one of the Capulet found out that he and his crew were Montagues. There were guards everywhere but they did not get caught. This is Romeo and Juliet side of the story. In West Side Story, Tony and Maria meet for the first time at the neutral gym where the sharks and the jets
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